Provider Enrollment Services

Provider enrollment is the first step in the revenue cycle, without an efficient and effective plan in place for healthcare organizations to enroll their practitioners with health plans the revenue cycle suffers. Each payor has different rules, regulations, processes, timelines, and seemingly unnecessary roadblocks that stall the process. You just need your doctors to be billable, your new physicians enrolled, and your growing claims on hold reimbursed. Trust the experts at KG Invicta Services to help you navigate the difficult process of provider enrollment and medical credentialing all at a low cost!

Verification of Benefits

The process of verifying the patient’s covered benefits and active medical coverage with the insurance companies is an essential step in the revenue cycle process to ensure timely billing and provides the foundation for proper coding and requirements for patient billing. It also helps to alleviate surprises along the way and can be used in cases where appeals may need to be written. We at KG Invicta Services follow the procedures strictly to verify the patient’s benefits and coverages and update providers/hospitals proactively before providing adequate care. As well as, follow through with the process until the claim is paid.

Pre-Authorization inquiries and approvals

What can your organization do with an extra 15 hours per physician per week? That is the average amount of time spent a week by the provider to complete a prior authorization or approval. This can be the most difficult and time-consuming process our medical professionals face currently. Our team of experts eases the burden by providing end-to-end visibility, from the time of approval to claim payment. We submit documentation on your behalf and work directly with the payers to approve your requests. We free up your staff and physicians, to focus on other important tasks such as the actual care of the patients.

Demographics and Charge Entry

A critical part of the Medical Billing process is entering patient demographics and charges accurately, as the quality of work determines the number of rejections, denials, and finally the reimbursement of current AR. Our quality of service and knowledgeable staff help us to gain 100% confidence from our clients, while also being able to work round the clock to meet their expected turn-around times. We set goals and achieve complete entries within 24 hours of TAT. Our 24-hour turnaround time plays a huge role in increasing revenue, maintaining timely submissions, and ample time for the follow-up to receive a payment within the first 45 days of the claim being submitted. The most amazing part of outsourcing this service to us is all your claims will be billed before staff even logs in the next day.

KG Invicta Services

we are committed to improving the quality of patient care in the healthcare industry today.