Empowering The Visually Challenged

As Emiratisation in the Public and Private sectors continually receive much-needed boosts from the UAE government, KG has found that there is one sector of Emiratis, with an unemployment rate exceeding 80%, which is rarely ever tapped by business across the UAE. These are the thousands of sightless or visually impaired Emiratis who despite possessing desirable skills face difficulty acquiring gainful employment.

The availability of constantly evolving technology has opened a window of opportunity for the visually impaired. Technology has given us ‘Screen readers’, which read everything, voice recognition & computerized tape recorders that enable the user to speed-read by ear, etc.

These technologies have exponentially increased the potential for independent reading and writing by the blind, who, now no longer have to depend on another person to translate printed information. Once trained, evolving technologies have made visually impaired individuals highly successful in areas of Medical transcription, computer programming, data entry, customer service, and front desk management, to name a few.

Mr. KC Anand (CSO, KG Invicta) has pioneered an initiative to train and employ the visually impaired in the medical documentation industry. The Government of India has recognized his initiative and honored him with the “Friends of the Blind Award” for three consecutive years, Based on his personal experience, Mr. Anand, reaffirms that most visually impaired who have been trained and gainfully employed by him either still hold their current jobs or have advanced to better positions.

He has also seen that people with disabilities take fewer absence days, generally work harder, are more loyal, and most importantly tend to be more articulate and have a better memory, owing to the way they have to work.

Additionally, the expense involved in hiring a blind employee is approximately the same as the expense of hiring one with sight. Most adaptations required for a blind employee are typically efforts and uncomplicated as well as inexpensive since most adjustments are practical, not monetary.

A more diverse workforce resembles a customer base more accurately; it allows for different ideas from different backgrounds, therefore helping businesses overfall.

Bottom line: Not only is it good for a business, but it also allows for a sizeable chunk of highly talented, but underused sectors of Emiratis to be included in the Emiratisation plan.

Whether you are a small local business or large corporate, KG can help you gainfully train and employ visually challenged Emiratis, as the country moves towards Emiratisation. Our experience in on-the-job training helps management and staff understand blindness and low vision issues.

Our integration program to employ persons with sight loss has been designed to address all questions and also the benefits.

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